Dude, Stop – Feature Complete!

We did it! We hit another milestone! We finished all the puzzles!.. but now that we look at them, many have bugs, a few work badly and some don’t work at all. But wait – there’s more! The art is outdated, there’s no fun in them, they don’t feel good – the list goes on. That’s why we’re going back to the drawing board – to fix them all! And to do a couple more things as well.

Dude, Stop - New milestone

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Dude, Stop – Font, localization and more!

So, I was talking to my neighbour’s cat once, and he all like, “meow, meow. Meow?” – and I was like, “Whaaa?”, ‘cause I couldn’t understand a thing he was saying to me. “English, please?” I asked him, but still got a “meow” in response. Then he left and that got me thinking… what if… there are people… that, you know… don’t understand English? Pow! Mind blown!

Dude, Stop - Custom multi-language font

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