Dude, Stop – Script is ready!

Welcome! Welcome to our small but cozy blog about our game “Dude, Stop”! Once again – we cover our past and current progress, as well as what is still ahead of us, and we’re glad you’re here to listen. So pour yourself a glass of milk, sit down and we’ll continue our mysterious journey that is game development…

Dude Stop - Glitchy Error

(one of many ways to let Player know he’s doing bad)

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Dude, Stop – Script is almost ready

Hello, Accidental reader! Welcome to our “Dude, Stop” blog! Oh, you’re not accidental? You actually follow our progress and know what this is all about? Then greetings, come on in and make yourself comfortable for the next five or so minutes. We’re gonna tell you, how we’ve been and what we were up to. Please, don’t mention that you’ve been waiting for almost two years… we know. We know.

Let’s dive right in, but first – a small advertisement: we are on Steam! Didn’t launch yet, but you can come in and say hi.

Dude, Stop - Options

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Dude, Stop – Voice integration

Time for our inconsistent and accidental weekly blog post! Today we are going to tackle audio-related problems with sound and voice integration. The twist is that there will be no examples, not even one second of audio. Yeah, we know we should show you SOMETHING, but… next time. Or the time after that. See you in 2018, folks! (okay, that joke is not funny anymore)

No more stupid jokes or stretched smiles, it’s time for this text to roll! But first, here’s a little reminder: the game is on the Steam Store and you can add it to your wishlist if you so desire!

Dude, Stop - Subtitles

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Dude, Stop – Testing. Testing. Lawyers. Testing.

We had a really busy month! Or two. Three? Wait, what? How long is it past the last update? WhAt YeAr Is It?!

Anyway. We’re here to talk a little bit more about our progress. How much we did, how much we didn’t and how much is left, and… gifs! Everyone likes gifs, so we have a couple of “new” ones for you. Okay, not really new, but they’re still funny!

Dude, Stop - remastered puzzle

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