Rocks Vs Ghosts

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rvg_screen_1  rvg_screen_2


Defense, Action


The town is under attack by Ghosts! And who can stop it better than indestructible Rocks? Don’t say that rocks can’t hurt ghosts! Those are magical Rocks who can control all four elements: blast enemies with fire, freeze them with ice, blow away with wind and shock with lightning. Level up your units to get even more power, upgrade your abilities and choose talents to get through more than 20 levels, 8 challenge missions and an ultimate Boss fight! And don’t forget to choose your loyal helper: they will give you even more strength against these dozens of scary ghosts! Time to show them who rocks here!!


  • Unique gameplay!
  • More then 20 upgrades for your Units!
  • 25 levels to play + Boss fight!
  • 8 unique challenges!
  • 13 different types of enemies
  • And you play as a FrEaCkInG ROCK!!


Mouse only