New Game, Question Mark ?

We have already released a “Halloween patch”, then we are planning to release a “Christmas patch” later this year, and we also have some members on the dev team working on porting the game. As we explained in the latest blog post we currently can’t add new and fresh content to “Dude, Stop” – we just haven’t developed enough cool ideas yet.

But if half of the team is working on the port and Christmas patch – what does another half of the team is going to make? Well… how about a new game? 😉

Creating games is our passion. And thanks to you, the community, we now have just enough to keep on going! That’s why we found a new Concept Artist, who joined our team and is sketching and drawing new ideas, shaping out our new game.

So what the new game is about? Well, it’s a base building game. I know, I know, not everyone is into those games, but me and Mr. Levich are huge fans of this genre, games like Factorio, Prison Architect, Rimworld, Do Not Starve, Rise to Ruins, Oxygen Not Included and so on. Games like these are complex and provide hundreds hours of playtime, but are really challenging to make, which makes it even more appealing to us, developers.

But wait, we made “Dude, Stop”! We are known for making funny, colorful, stupid games voiced by some angry dude!… So that’s exactly what we’re going to do again. The new game is going to be cute, bright, with more Voice Actors, characters to laugh at and stoopid creatures with personalities. But this time with an actual gameplay that requires more than just the left mouse button! 😉

We’re going to make a proper announcement later on, but for now we just wanted to let you know what we are working on right now: patch and port for “Dude, Stop”, and making a new funny base building game.

That was some lengthy explanation, so I guess we should stop here. Thanks to everyone who supported “Dude, Stop” – it’s your fault we are still making games 😉 Sorry it’s not “Dude, Stop 2”, though. The world isn’t ready for that yet!

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