Devlog 4: The new map

Safe rooms

As in almost any other game, it would quite unwise of us to give the player all abilities at once, leaving him bedazzled with all the stuff he has to deal with. Confused at first, the player will die too many times before he figures out how to use all of this toolkit, then he will become bored, and that’s not cool. Not cool at all. That’s why we don’t give him all the abilities at once.

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Devlog 3: The Map

To infinity and beyond!

Summing previous devlogs up, we have a hero who runs and we have an enemy who chases player to make him run even faster. The only thing left is a map where all of this can happen. And according to our scope for the game (Vertical scroller/runner) this map should go more UP, than anywhere else. “Easy!” – said every developer ever 🙂

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