Dude, Stop – Voice integration

Time for our inconsistent and accidental weekly blog post! Today we are going to tackle audio-related problems with sound and voice integration. The twist is that there will be no examples, not even one second of audio. Yeah, we know we should show you SOMETHING, but… next time. Or the time after that. See you in 2018, folks! (okay, that joke is not funny anymore)

No more stupid jokes or stretched smiles, it’s time for this text to roll! But first, here’s a little reminder: the game is on the Steam Store and you can add it to your wishlist if you so desire!

Dude, Stop - Subtitles

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Dude, Stop – Testing. Testing. Lawyers. Testing.

We had a really busy month! Or two. Three? Wait, what? How long is it past the last update? WhAt YeAr Is It?!

Anyway. We’re here to talk a little bit more about our progress. How much we did, how much we didn’t and how much is left, and… gifs! Everyone likes gifs, so we have a couple of “new” ones for you. Okay, not really new, but they’re still funny!

Dude, Stop - remastered puzzle

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Dude, Stop – Feature Complete!

We did it! We hit another milestone! We finished all the puzzles!.. but now that we look at them, many have bugs, a few work badly and some don’t work at all. But wait – there’s more! The art is outdated, there’s no fun in them, they don’t feel good – the list goes on. That’s why we’re going back to the drawing board – to fix them all! And to do a couple more things as well.

Dude, Stop - New milestone

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Dude, Stop – Font, localization and more!

So, I was talking to my neighbour’s cat once, and he all like, “meow, meow. Meow?” – and I was like, “Whaaa?”, ‘cause I couldn’t understand a thing he was saying to me. “English, please?” I asked him, but still got a “meow” in response. Then he left and that got me thinking… what if… there are people… that, you know… don’t understand English? Pow! Mind blown!

Dude, Stop - Custom multi-language font

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