Dude, Stop – Teaser #3

Today’s blog post is gonna be short, so you don’t even need to sit down! Just click the video, watch it, laugh a little (forced laughs are ok, too) and… that’s all. You are free to go break the rules in the games you usually play… OH WAIT, YOU CAN’T!! It’s the feature of OUR game, and OURS only! And it’s not out* yet! HA-HA-HA-HA–

*Soon, thought. Soon.

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Dude, Stop – First Teaser

Before we get to the point, a small introduction is to be made… Oh, you’ve already watched the trailer? Well, then go and like and subscribe to us, or follow us on every social media channel you can find. Oh wait, you did even that? Wow, we’re baffled. Go and watch the teaser, then? You’ve already watched it TWICE?! Damn we’re bad at introductions. Scrap that, let’s get to the point:

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Dude, Stop – 100 puzzles!

Hello, Mortals!!… and… all the others, too! We’re glad to see everyone! We don’t discriminate. Except our 17th tester! He makes fun of our game! That guy is the wo- Oh yeah, the game! The “Dude, Stop” game! Let’s talk about the game! The blog is about the game, so why should we not talk about the game! The game! The ga- LET THE BLOG ENTRY BEGIN!

Dude, Stop - Cup Dances

(don’t ask)

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Dude, Stop – Script is ready!

Welcome! Welcome to our small but cozy blog about our game “Dude, Stop”! Once again – we cover our past and current progress, as well as what is still ahead of us, and we’re glad you’re here to listen. So pour yourself a glass of milk, sit down and we’ll continue our mysterious journey that is game development…

Dude Stop - Glitchy Error

(one of many ways to let Player know he’s doing bad)

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