Dude, Stop – Contest and Stuff

The release is in a week from now, on June 1st. And what do we do?! We are making more obstacles for you to get the game!.. Or is it opportunities? More opportunities! To do what? To work, and work hard. Do stuff for us, basically… Wait, is it an obstacle or an opportunity then? Anyway, FREE* COPY OF THE GAME! Come and get it!!

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Dude, Stop – Release Date Announcement Teaser

The day has come!! The moment has arrived!! The BIG NEWS are here!!! …aaaand no one is reading this, ok. Everyone is just watching the teaser. Well, can’t blame you. Fine! Let’s talk after the video!!

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Dude, Stop – We have a Release date?!

We were sorting through the list of fixes that we want to do before the release, but then we realized that half of them do not even crash the game. And the other half is so unimportant that nobody will ever notice. The third half is so rare that it’s gonna affect, like, only 3% of players. And the last half is just too hard to fix, so why even bother… “So, are we done with the game?” – asked someone on the development team. “I guess” – the other one replied. “No! We are not done!” – protested the loudest, – “Look at the list of fixes! And we need a trailer! And localization! And how about …” – and at that moment we knew for sure: the game. is. done.

Dude, Stop - Release Date

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Dude, Stop – The game is ready ?!

Hey, pst, want to hear good news?! We have one. Yeah-yeah, come closer, it’s a really good one, I promise! And no, it’s not a joke or a prank, ok? You trust me? Good!… Now, lend me your ears. Ready? Here comes the… Wait, you sure you’re ready?!… Ok. Good! Sit down and listen closely: …we finished the game!!

Or did we?!… Let’s find out together in our new blog post!

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Dude, Stop – Fully Voiced

NO ONE LIKES TO READ!… There, I said it! Reading is, like, looking at a lot of weird shapes and hallucinating weird stuff in your head. And what is worse – every sentence, every line, every word sound exactly the same – like your own voice!! YOU CAN BE LOUD, or be can confusing you… That’s why we don’t like to read. What we like is looking at pretty pictures or at the video below, or even better – just closing our eyes and not reading at all! That’s right! Keep on reading to find out how you can read less.

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