Dude, Stop – The game is ready ?!

Hey, pst, want to hear good news?! We have one. Yeah-yeah, come closer, it’s a really good one, I promise! And no, it’s not a joke or a prank, ok? You trust me? Good!… Now, lend me your ears. Ready? Here comes the… Wait, you sure you’re ready?!… Ok. Good! Sit down and listen closely: …we finished the game!!

Or did we?!… Let’s find out together in our new blog post!

Dude, Stop - Progress Loading

Audio is done?!

Audio is done. Ha. Ha-ha. What a joke, I’m not falling for that again!” – that’s what you could be thinking if you’ve followed our blog post in the past and seen that audio was a constant guest in our “Stuff to do” section. But now? Is it ready now?… Yes! Kind of.

Dude, Stop - Sound List

(List of all the sounds in the game. Red means “Not Ready”)

The truth is that it’s never ready. Nothing is ever ready! There’s always some minor mistake, some imperfection to fix, and it goes on FOREVER. But the game has all the important stuff: the music, the sounds, the effects – and it’s working! Kind of.

What’s left to do

Fixes. A truckload of tiny little fixes. And the trailer. Oh, and choosing the release date, choosing the price for the game, building up the hype. You know, the usual.

And we know, we know, the list does sound short, but it still takes time! Not years, ha-ha, HA-HA-HA… ha, but a bit of time! The trailer needs to be voiced, we need to double check if everything’s working, the programmer needs to remove all TODO comments from the code*, etc…

* Remove. Not fix or implement. Just delete. Nasty programmers joke.


Dude, Stop - Screen 1 Dude, Stop - Screen 4
Dude, Stop - Screen 3 Dude, Stop - Screen 2


We are currently working on the trailer and playing the game over and over again to spot and fix everything we’ve missed. The release date comes after we’re more or less confident everything works as expected, so sorry, folks, nothing for now! Just a “Coming Soon”, as always. It won’t be next week or the week after that, that we can say for sure… We need a little more time than that. Thanks for staying with us!

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