Dude, Stop – The game I played

Hi, Hello, Bonjourno, Olá, Sveiki! (That last one was in Latvian! You are welcome! Now if you visit us, we could greet each other!… Not like you would, coz you don’t even know where Latvia is! Am I right?! …Annnnd you’re opening google maps.) …where was I? Oh yeah! The blog post!!

Dude, Stop - Infinity Cat

(“don’t ask me” gif of the week)

I played it twice and it felt nice

We did it! Once again. we played “Dude, Stop” from start to finish!…Except this time it wasn’t “we”, but “them” – we found playtesters and forced them (sometimes literally) to play the game for us! And after hours of giggles and “You do gonna pay me for this, right?” and “Where is your furniture?” questions, we finally gathered feedback and let them free!… And now we have 6 pages of “fix this” and “fix that” notes that we need to go through… WELL THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You just added more work!! GREAT! … Jokes aside: the feedback was positive, everything worked, some parts were fun, others require some polish,. Hey, one person even said “I want to play it again”! We would call it a success!!

Dude, Stop - Watermelon

Next topic

And now we need to fix all this… feedback. It’s not complicated – just time consuming. But hey, at least WE found it, and not YOU, that’s good, right? After we’re done with these fixes – we’re going to find a few more testers and repeat the whole process. Then again. And again. And then stop! We don’t have so many friends…

“What’s left” of the week!

Same as last month. NEXT TOPIC!

Ok, ok, to make you feel better, here are some new screenshots. You like points? You gonna get extra points if you can guess what’s going on every picture:

Dude, Stop - Cup 04 Dude, Stop - Cup 02
Dude, Stop - Cup 03 Dude, Stop - Cup 01


Hey, is summer coming? ‘Cause these blogs are sure getting shorter! But we did nothing cool this month to talk about. All we did was: bug fixing, polishing, animation improvements, several playthroughs, spent a few days with playtesters (Did you know you need to feed them?! Like, what’s with that?!), and now back to bug fixing. Somehow I even thing that “bug fixing” is eighth circle of hell – the infinite one, the tedious one, the “fix 1, get 2 for free” one… It’s just. So. Much. Fun.

…anyway! That’s all! Cya next time!

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