Dude, Stop – Teaser #3

Today’s blog post is gonna be short, so you don’t even need to sit down! Just click the video, watch it, laugh a little (forced laughs are ok, too) and… that’s all. You are free to go break the rules in the games you usually play… OH WAIT, YOU CAN’T!! It’s the feature of OUR game, and OURS only! And it’s not out* yet! HA-HA-HA-HA–

*Soon, thought. Soon.


–HA-HA-Ha-ha… Ok, sorry, that was too much. So… the video you just watched – it’s a teaser for the upcoming game “Dude, Stop” that’s upcoming soon*. You can play the DEMO here, or visit our STEAM store page. And if you were wondering – that’s almost how you play the game: you are a player, you break all the puzzles that we created, and the Voice is really upset at you. YUP! The game is angrily voiced by our angry voice**.

* The rest of the development team also dislikes this poorly written sentence.

** Same goes for this sentence, too.


That’s all. You’re free. Go away. WAIT! NO!… Come back! Follow us first, because at the end of the month we’re gonna post a more detailed development update about the progress and the stuff we did and then some other stuff*. Whew. Ok. Now you can go away.

* At this point we decided to fire whoever is writing this.

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