Dude, Stop – Still Out! (Localization, Mac, Linux)

Hello, player!! Specifically “Dude, Stop” player!! And if you’re not, then it’s a lucky day for you! Because we are out! On Steam!! Right now!! You can go and get the game for your own, and others pleasure!… Yeah. Do that!

Last day 10% off

We released the game a week ago and it even was in the “new and trending” tab!! That’s so cool! Thanks to everyone who joined us in this last week and commented on the game or left a review! It’s been a blast reading all of it! Thank you!!

Dude, Stop - New and Trending

We have so many players, so many Discord members, so many question askers and playthrough-doers and bug finders and so much-much more! So yeah, 10% off, last day, don’t miss!

Dude, Stop - Get Now


Yesterday we finished preparing for localization. What does it mean? Well, starting from version 1.0.4 you can go to the game folder, open up “Localization” and look at beautiful xml files that you can touch and change! You can even add new languages and play with translations, like, for example, “I”M GROOT” translation! Or, and this is the cool part, you can add your own jokes!! Yeap! You can find “end texts” that pop up after the puzzle ends and add your own phrases!

Just to clarify – it’s not the localization we promised! It’s just the first step towards it. We finished implementing the system and now gonna look for translators to make a proper official localization. But since the technology is here – why not to open it for public? Play with it and tell us what jokes you’ve added or how you broke the game (don’t).

Mac & Linux

In the past week we already released 2 patches, and now we’re trying something better – a Mac and Linux port! They are up, they are here, raw and almost untested, and you can access them through the beta branch on Steam! Here are instructions on how to enable it:

And don’t forget to tell us if it’s working or not!


Our plans currently are to keep patching the game, translate it to at some other languages, maybe port it to some toaster or a fridge, and then… who knows what else!! We’re going back to being busy, and you… here’s a Thank you for enjoying our game, or Here is a link, in case you haven’t seen it yet! CYA!

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