Dude, Stop – Script is ready!

Welcome! Welcome to our small but cozy blog about our game “Dude, Stop”! Once again – we cover our past and current progress, as well as what is still ahead of us, and we’re glad you’re here to listen. So pour yourself a glass of milk, sit down and we’ll continue our mysterious journey that is game development…

Dude Stop - Glitchy Error

(one of many ways to let Player know he’s doing bad)

The script is ready!!

For you it may sound like “oh, uhhh… nice”, but for us it’s actually more like “OH MY GOD, HOLY SH*T YES”. Why so? Well, the script is 120 pages long and that’s a huge amount of work. We spent months and months on arguing about what jokes should stay and which should go; what is offensive for the player and what is not; how offensive we want to be; whether or not the plot has too much holes; what are the plot twists; how many characters we need, etc., etc., etc. Sadly, we can’t tell you the details, but at least we can show use a useless screenshot! You know, just to show off. To brag. To impress you. We became friends with the thesaurus in the last couple of months.

Dude Stop - Script

(note: not all of this is voice over)

The plot

“A hundred and twenty pages for a cute little indie game?! But… why?” you may ask, and quite reasonably so. Let us explain: first, we have quite a few puzzles in the game and each of them needs to have some kind of voiced reaction to the player. That’s already a lot. Second, we have a story. A plot. The premise is really simple, as you saw it in the trailer, we just worked on it a little bit more, fleshed it out, added a couple of characters, thought about voice’s motivations, obstacles to overcome, and all that jazz. That also adds to the page count. But! The story wouldn’t be complete without one additional component… the main character. YOU! You as a player are fully involved in every little twist, action and reaction. You are the sole reason all of this exists. You are the cherry on top of our script. Yum!

Dude Stop - Duck Popup

See this thing? We call it “D.U.C.K.” and it’s there to stop you!! Mha-ha-ha-haaa!! That’s all you need to know for now.

Pack Selection

Here’s some more screenshots of pack selection screens!

Dude Stop - Pack 5 Dude Stop - Pack 6
Dude Stop - Pack 7 Dude Stop - Pack 8


The Script is ready. The Story is complete. The implementation of the story is more than halfway done, and the next step, as always, is the Voice Over. It may look like nothing changed, but for us it’s actually a lot.

Here you go! There’s our current progress and our plans. Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed your milk! 😉

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