“Dude, Stop” is on Nintendo Switch now!

Hello! Long time no write! Today is a special day: we have released the game on Nintendo Switch!

It’s been 2 years since the release, but we finally managed to port the game to another platform! It was hard, tedious, took too much time, but most importantly – hard! But here we are, celebrating our long years of procrastination…

Switch version has some minor improvements:

  •  Touch screen support
  •  Controller support
  •  Screen for achievements
  •  Extra bug fixes
  •  Extra bugs

So if you have been waiting for the right moment to get “Dude, Stop”, I would say that the moment has come! Grab it now!

…if you prefer playing games on the move…

…or you want to relive those amazing angry moments for the third time…

…or you’re just bored and have a Switch next to you. Grab it.

Yeah, we know. No new content. But we assure you: we are working on something even more awesome and one day we will be brave enough to announce it. Meanwhile, if you need touch-screen support for PC or want extra bugs or bug fixes – let us now, and we will start porting the game back to Steam…


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