Dude, Stop – Fully Voiced

NO ONE LIKES TO READ!… There, I said it! Reading is, like, looking at a lot of weird shapes and hallucinating weird stuff in your head. And what is worse – every sentence, every line, every word sound exactly the same – like your own voice!! YOU CAN BE LOUD, or be can confusing you… That’s why we don’t like to read. What we like is looking at pretty pictures or at the video below, or even better – just closing our eyes and not reading at all! That’s right! Keep on reading to find out how you can read less.


Introducing the one, the only, the new, the revolutionary: THE VOICE! In our previous blog we talked about completing the script, and now, after so much time, we reached that milestone – we voiced every line in the game! It may not sound (ha!) like it, but it’s a big deal, actually. For us it took a lot of time to write, implement, and test, and for the Voice Actor a lot of hours of screaming and crying in the microphone, and it’s finally done! The voice is ready!! It sounds in our heads in all its gloriousness.

Show us

“Show us! Show us! Show us!” – the crowd was chanting, and the voices of Super-Awesome Generous Developers cracked the sky: “Ask and Ye shall receive!”

This is a Teaser we made for the Holidays a month ago, but completely forgot to put it here. Well, here you go! Check out our sweet Voice Actor in action!… And that’s exactly how our game sounds!

“Are you not satisfied?!” – the voice of the Super-Awesome Generous Developers shaked the earth with all it’s might!
“When is the release?” – the crowd asked, and Not-So-Awesome Shamed Developers stood silent.

What’s next

“Wait, there’s NEXT?!”. Yeah, there is. Sounds and Music. We have a little hold-back with this one, but we are doing all we can. You can still be excited – it’s the last feature of the game! And it’s 70-95% ready (we forgot our previous estimate in percent).

Oh, and we are working on a new website for the game! It’s gonna be LEGEN-wait for this dead meme-DARY! It’s gonna be legendary!!… But can take some time. Because, someone is apparently busy with fixing bugs in the game and making websites is “too easy” for him!! *rolling eyes*


All in all – it was a good month! We finished the voice and right now we’re working on small fixes and preparing for one last step – sounds (I bet we are saying this in every blog). Also, we made a few teasers to keep you excited, and we are working on a new website for some reason, and all in all just dying (not literally) to show you the game!!



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