Dude, Stop – First Teaser

Before we get to the point, a small introduction is to be made… Oh, you’ve already watched the trailer? Well, then go and like and subscribe to us, or follow us on every social media channel you can find. Oh wait, you did even that? Wow, we’re baffled. Go and watch the teaser, then? You’ve already watched it TWICE?! Damn we’re bad at introductions. Scrap that, let’s get to the point:


Q: “I. want. MORE!!”

A: It’s coming, no worries! Somewhere around 2018, hopefully in the beginning of it. But! Butt! You can still play our old DEMO here! Or, you can visit our STEAM store page here. If you want to get notified about the second teaser or anything else, be sure to follow us in any way you desire.

Q: “Is it a gameplay video?”

A: Nope. The video is more about demonstrating the voice, rather than the gameplay. It shows you art, visuals, idea and mood of the game, but not the game itself. But the game HAS interactions, don’t be alarmed 😉

Q: “I didn’t get the joke.”

A: First of all – it’s not a question. Second – he said, and I quote: “go and chew on a potato”, and a few seconds later there was a bitten potato! Hm? You see, it’s funny, because… because… FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF!


Right now we are in the middle of recording the voice for the game, and it should be done in a week or so. And then we’re gonna implement it, test it, ???, profit! Be sure to come back later in the month for a more in-depth blog about our progress! BYE!

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