Dude, Stop – Current Progress

Hello there! Let’s talk about Dude, Stop: about what we have so far, why it takes so much time to finish, and what you can expect from the game. Sadly, we can’t show a lot of new screenshots from the game, since it’s going to spoil puzzles and surprises, but we have other content to share with you, so keep reading! 🙂

Dude, Stop - new assets

New puzzles

Our last update was some time ago, but it doesn’t mean we were doing nothing! Exactly opposite – we were working hard all this time, and finished plenty of content. But the sad part for us is that it’s hard to share it with you – players. We don’t want to spoil puzzles, surprises and secrets, that’s why we have hard time finding what to show, and what to keep for you to discover! But we are planning to have around 10 packs (instead of 2 in the demo version), so this should give you an idea about how much content we are working on right now.

More beauty

Besides new puzzles we are trying to improve on the old content too. For example, when we developed demo version for the Dude, Stop we hadn’t much time to polish each aspect of the game, that’s why some parts are left blend and uninteresting. For example, here is a new and improved background:

Dude, Stop - new background

We are also improving on the pixel art we have in old puzzles:

Dude, Stop - Remastered art (Book)

(Old on the left, new on the right)

Dude, Stop - Remastered art (Shoes)

(Old on the top, new on the bottom)

New mechanics

To keep packs fresh for the players, we decided to add new mechanics that should add complexity and interesting decisions to the gameplay.

Here is a sneak peak on one of them – inventory system:

Dude, Stop - New mechanics

How much left to do

We think that amount of finished puzzles that we have right now should be enough. Right now we are working on the audio, and combining puzzles in to packs. Next step would be to add rewards, polish what we have, and the last big feature – the voice!

As you can see we are not really ready to call it “Finished Game”, and we still need some time to add all the content we have in mind. And because of this we decided to push release date to “later this year”, and we feel sad about this as you do 🙁

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