Dude, Stop – A new team member!

Hi! Today we’re going to tell you how we are doing (TLDR: fine, thank you) and how the development of the “Dude, Stop” is going (TLDR: fine, too) and what new stuff we can show you (TLDR: yay, stuff!).

Dude, Stop - New team member

 (we’re still working on his avatar, though)

A new player has joined the game!

Oh boy, this one is really exciting. Long story short, we’ve found… the man we were looking for. The man of our dreams. And he even agreed to join our team. Yay! *blush* His work will primarily be focused on helping us do all the writing: correcting voice script, double-checking gameplay text, joining us in writing blogs and answering comments!

Those are pretty good news both for us and you, since we always wanted to communicate more actively with players and share information. Now we get to work on the “Dude, Stop”, and you get your precious information. Feel free to follow us… well, anywhere, basically, and ask all kinds of questions (Favourite color: pink). Let’s give the new guy some work, eh? (Boxers vs. briefs: boxers)

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Trophy shelves

We’re still working on those awesome rewards, but we decided to shift from normal trophies to something more… interesting: *** SPOILER ALERT! ***


Dude, Stop - Trophy shelf

Please don’t even ask how to get any of them – we’re not going to spoil the surprise 😉

Background animations and Options menu

In the last blog post we talked about how and why we decided to make new background animations, so here’s another gif/jif. No reason why, we just really like how it looks.

Dude, Stop - New transitions animation

If you’ve played our “Dude, Stop” demo, you can notice that we have a new options menu there! Nothing crazy, but notice the language setting! It’s THERE! IT’S WORKING! We’re going to delve into it deeper in our next post, but- oh my god ain’t that a satisfying feeling.

Post card anyone?

In case you’ve missed, we made a post card. Here it is:

Dude, Stop - Cake card

Ok folks, this wraps up the blog entry because we really do need to get back to work. Even more work, ‘cause now there’ll be a special someone to communicate with you. Stay loud and talkish. And talkinable. And talkative. And talkawhajhgjfgfckt… Ugh, that’s why we needed someone who can write.

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