Dude, Stop – 100 puzzles!

Hello, Mortals!!… and… all the others, too! We’re glad to see everyone! We don’t discriminate. Except our 17th tester! He makes fun of our game! That guy is the wo- Oh yeah, the game! The “Dude, Stop” game! Let’s talk about the game! The blog is about the game, so why should we not talk about the game! The game! The ga- LET THE BLOG ENTRY BEGIN!

Dude, Stop - Cup Dances

(don’t ask)

You did what?!?

Remember how we said that the script is 100% ready? “What the hell were you doing in september, then?!”, you may ask. “Jeez man, calm down, it’s just a game” we might answer, but… in reality, we were implementing said script. Because after you write a wall of text, there’s a lot of thing to be done: it needs to be voiced, *.wav files must be edited and saved in a table, subtitles should be added and timed, all of this packed in a “bank file”, loaded into the game and coded to play at the specific point, and finally playtested… And we did all of this too! Which is kinda cool, I guess. Look at us, doing things like grownups.

What we have:

Let’s see what we actually have in the game right now:

  • 13 packs. (In the demo you had 2. Now imagine 13 packs with higher quality content! Now go play that imaginary game)
  • 100 puzzles. (Yep. We have around 100 puzzles at this point. Why “around”? Because it’s hard to define what exactly is considered a “puzzle”, so we just say it’s 100.)
  • 65 trophies. (Cups, trophies, awards, achievements, cups, rewards, cups, cups, wonderful cups, cups, cups)
  • OVER NINE… hundred voice events. (What this means is that the game has over 900 places where the narrator is going to react to the player’s actions. Wait for a sec to let that number sink in…)
  • Over 1500 subtitle lines. (Pretty much self-explanatory)
  • 35 UI screens. (Not as exciting as all of the above, but maybe it’ll just show how much more stuff we have to work on, like menus, credit screens, result screens and so on)

Dude, Stop - Result Screen

What’s left:

The voice, obviously. As always. But, at least right now we have all the texts, and all the triggers, and other technology… now we just need those loud and juicy *.wav-s from our voice actor (poor guy). Also, some sound effects are missing (since we add new content all the time, we also need new sounds too). And music is NYI… but it’s ready!

Oh yeah, and one more thing that’s gonna take a while – playtesting. The game is really complex with all the transitions, interactions, possible places to break or behave unexpectedly, and we don’t want you, the player, to be our guinea pig. We want the game get mad at you for breaking stuff and not other way around!

To conclude – the game won’t be ready in the next month. And not even in two months. Sorry. But you can see how much content we have and that it takes time to make all of it work.

Dude, Stop - Anvil Animation

Pack Selection

Here’s some more screenshots of pack selection screens!

Dude, Stop - Pack 9 Dude, Stop - Pack 10
Dude, Stop - Pack 11 Dude, Stop - Pack 12


The game is quite big, ya know. And that’s why it takes some time to make. And will take some more time to finish. But yeah! 100 puzzles! 65 cups! 35 UI SCREENS! How crazy is that?! And did you see that part about 900 voiced events?! WOW!… we’ve come so far!.. Anyway, that’s all for now. We need to go fix some stuff, and get a hold of our voice actor… Cheers!

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