Devlog 3: The Map

To infinity and beyond!

Summing previous devlogs up, we have a hero who runs and we have an enemy who chases player to make him run even faster. The only thing left is a map where all of this can happen. And according to our scope for the game (Vertical scroller/runner) this map should go more UP, than anywhere else. “Easy!” – said every developer ever 🙂

So what options do we have with map creation? We can construct them manually – but this could take too much time and such maps are not really replayable as after a couple playthroughs the player will simply memorize them all and get bored. We could also create a map generator that places platforms randomly – this could end either in infinite fun or… infinite frustration, and we can’t allow that.

That’s why we combined the approaches and made so called rooms which are crafted by hand as we want to create unique and fun obstacles. These rooms are later randomly combined into maps/levels.

Yeah, the map is not 100% vertical – we added rare and short turns so the player wouldn’t get bored from non-stop climbing

Yeah, the map is not 100% vertical – we added some short turns so the player wouldn’t get bored from non-stop climbing

With this approach we can make infinite maps (if we want to) out of any amount of available rooms. Let’s take closer look at the rooms itself.

Room service!

There are two rules we set up for ourselves to maximize the output of those rooms:

  • The room should be nor too long, for the player might learn the fastest available path through the room, nor too short, for the rooms will become rare, bland and non-recognizable
  • The room should have more than one way to pass through, for the player is free in choosing his path, unlike a rat in a labyrinth


Demonstrated are but a few of the available paths through the room. Of course, it’s pretty obvious that the green is the fastest, that’s why the player will memorize it and traverse it with his eyes closed. Naah, that won’t do at all. We need to make him understand the error of his ways and go via another route. How do we do that?

MONEY. Cash, bling, chips, bucks, coins. Money. Placed evenly and randomly along the routes the player might take. Money should be collected in one quick motion, ‘cause, as in real life, someone else might get to it first. You also receive some combo bonuses by doing that.

Oh, you wanted to get ’em all? Tough luck, buddy – you have to make a choice

Some coins can only be collected If you use your abilities

Remember about that one quick motion? Well, we missed it and lost the bonus for the last coin

The money allows you to choose the way. You may miss some now to get some later (maybe)

Rooms have multiple places where money can spawn. This could add to fun choices during playthroughs and add some variety to the game.

That’s all for now. Next Devlog should be about lava walls, difficulty and safe-rooms!

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